Easy Dungeon - Seamless Magnetic Dungeon Tiles

Created by Games06

The Easy Dungeon is designed to make the gaming experience realistic, fast and convenient without having to spend a lot of money to do it. All this while keeping faith with the fundamental principle of role playing: never knowing what will be a few steps ahead! With the Easy Dungeon system you can build corridors, alleys, rooms progressively as the DM tells the unraveling of the adventure.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

What's next?
23 days ago – Fri, May 03, 2019 at 11:37:20 AM

Hello fellows!

At this point almost all sets have been delivered! We hope you all enjoyed our efforts to do everything in record time! 

We are happy with the messages you are sending us, because the product is meeting expectations. At this point, don't think we'll stop here! We have lots of news on site! But to implement them, we would have a favor to ask you: 

as soon as you start playing using the Easy Dungeon ... share it and most important: TAG US! 

Whether it's a post on Facebook, on Instagram, a live one stories ... please share all ways EasyDungeon! And a bit of publicity would help us carry out all our new projects. 

Among the innovations there will be new expansions for the Easy Dungeon (if I speak of men of minimal stature some bell ring? ... or abandoned places of worship?) We will be able to sell for the summer both online and through a distribution network in stores (for now in Italy and probably in Europe ... for the rest of the world we still have no contact ... yet). Together with these there will obviously be two versions of the Easy Dungeon, called as those of the KS Golden and Silver campaign but with different contents (because we wanted to differentiate, in the end it was right for us to create a separation in terms of convenience compared to who believed in us from the beginning by participating in the campaign). 

Compatibly with this we are starting to plan the next kickstarter campaign! Yes, because many have asked us to "expand" the world of Easy Dungeon ... maybe going out in the open air, out of the dungeons underground!

And yet, we are developing a rule book to bring as many people as possible to role-playing games! Being to a couple of Game Fairs during this last month, we realized that anyone passing in front of our stand was intrigued by our creations. But the difference was that the role players arrived at the desk already aware of what they were looking at. While from all the rest of the people, after various appreciations, the question that was asked to us was always: "But ... what game is it?". After hundreds of people always asked us the same question (who would read an entire manual would never want), we thought that probably make a regulation, to download for free online, of a couple of pages, which summarizes the basic concepts to ensure that anyone in a quarter of an hour can understand the basics and make an introductory game... etc etc... you want to know more?

Well, we are looking for play-testers to whom to submit this rule book. If you like the idea and want to try your hand at helping us understand how to do it in the best way, apply to join our Facebook Games06 Group. Obviously the first phase of this test is reserved for those who already have enough experience to understand how and why certain choices have been made. Then we will open a second phase to try it for those who have never played. What do you think?

Would you like to help us?

Very last thing, to those (few fortunately) who received the package from SDA or from DHL damaged we ask for a courtesy: send us an email to info@games06.com

Don't send us messages on kickstarter, messages on Facebook, comments on KS Updates, comments on the KS Project, comments on instagram posts… otherwise we become mad! A single e-mail with all the possible photos showing the damage. So we can open a file with the courier for compensation. The times will not be short and in any case we will have to reprint part of the damaged sets. But as you have seen we are always here, we are always available, just have a little patience.

As always, thank you very much to everyone!

And as always ... DAJE!

About magnets
about 1 month ago – Fri, Apr 19, 2019 at 05:37:01 PM

Hello everyone! A couple of you have written to us because they have difficulty inserting the magnets into the supports. Probably having tested them thousands of times, it seemed simpler than it actually is to us. The pressure that must be exerted has to be pretty firm otherwise the inside of the support, which is slightly flared, does not hook the magnet for good. For this reason we recommend using a drain of magnets in order to have a good grip to be able to put pressure on the first row. Having said this it is also true that magnets can happen that do not want to stay hooked. The tolerances (in tenths of a millimeter) that the magnet and supporta suppliers have given us are not exactly identical. If it happens, we suggest to insert a small drop of vinyl glue (not cyanoacrylate or similar) with a toothpick into the holder before inserting the magnet. Once dried out you will not have any problems. For any doubt or question please write to us, we are always available!

...baby we were born to run...
about 1 month ago – Thu, Apr 18, 2019 at 02:23:22 PM

We officially put the last packages containing your EasyDungeons on the road!!!

In the meantime we already received the pics of the first arrivals!

We are happy and proud of the work done!

Now we just have to wait to hear from you all what you think.

Next week we will put together a complete video tutorial for editing, although we are sure you will not find any particular problems.

For the rest ... we are always here! For anything contact us, as always we will respond as quickly as possible! And please, if you are satisfied with your EasyDungeon ... let us know !!!!

Thanks again to all of you!


...and shipments have begun!
about 1 month ago – Wed, Apr 17, 2019 at 01:04:24 AM

As promised ... we started shipping your EasyDungeon sets!

We had a moment of panic yesterday because we thought we had the wrong calculation on the weights with the courier, we had to redo all the calculations ... that's why we make ourselves alive today! 

Anyway, here we are! 

We will ship in blocks every day for the whole week, so we should be able to start all the packages by Friday! For the owners of the Platinum Set ... be careful when you open the package! Apart from the considerable weight, we realized that having increased the number of pieces (as mentioned a couple of updates ago ...) and if you have taken add-ons it could happen that not really everything fit inside the case! Then you will find a pair of magnetic boards placed over the case. Unfortunately we could not even increase the size of the box, it had already been made and it would have messed up too much with both logistics and timing and ... money! In any case, we are confident that having increased the parts supplied, it does not create problems for you (the pieces that were budgeted at the beginning all come in!). 

Having said that we go back to work because ... we loved you when you made the pledge, we honored you by providing unexpected upgrades ... but now during shipments, having to pack all pledges one different from the other ... a little 'we are hating you! :))

Seriously, thanks once again to all of you and I recommend: when you receive your set let us know what you think! Send us photos, comments, feedback or tag of any kind! They will help us improve more and more our creations and, why not, maybe they will even give us some advertising! See you soon!


Fair tales...
about 2 months ago – Wed, Apr 10, 2019 at 03:05:23 AM

Hi Fellows!

Well...even the first experience at the fair is done! It was great! We met a lot of wonderful people and despite it was an exhausting adventure, above all because it was superimposed on the last preparations before sending the sets, we are delighted with how it went. Above all, it was nice to see how all fans of role-playing games approached our stand intrigued and, once they understood what it was, they filled with compliments. In short, it seems that our EasyDungeon keeps its promises! Because obviously, as far as we are concerned, we were certain of the quality of the product, but obviously putting it to the test by submitting it to those who had never heard of it reassured us a lot! Having said that, and once the fair is over, we immediately got back to work to complete the last step. Important: One thing that we realized during the fair is that there are a lot of ways that people try to insert magnets into the supports and not not all in a successful way. For this we will add an explanation sheet like the one attached into the box. By following these instructions, you are sure that the result will be as expected. Next...as mentioned to some of you in the comments both here and on the social media we are doing the impossible to fix all the bureaucracy inherent to the shipments to be able to deliver the packages this week to the courier. Be patience, maybe we will have to wait a few days but for sure at the beginning of next week the Sets will travel to get up to you. We look forward to writing to you that they have left. Missing a little !!!